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In clockwise, some watches (depending on the process of manufacturing and quality of the materials used) are of a very high standing and qualified high-end. This is the case of wood watches that are par excellence of elegant and refined accessories. They are craftsmanally designed with very good quality wood and are eco-friendly certified, pledge of a sustainable luxury watch in time.

High-end wood watches: determining elements

To acquire a wood watch Unique and of great quality, you need to pay attention to the different elements that compose it. These include the nature of the wood used, the type of bracelet and the type of mechanism.

The type of wood

Some wood species offer a more clean look than others. The wood quality Is therefore very important and the higher the value of it is, the higher the value of the watch. As a result, maple, walnut, rosewood and black sandalwood are very popular for the design of luxury watches. Maple is a refined wood and which polishes gradually. Walnut, meanwhile, is synonymous with greatness, robustness and is able to enhance the elegance of all your outfits. The rosewood is a wood used to make unique and outstanding watches. As for the black sandal, it allows to provide a certain touch of customization to the accessory.

The type of bracelet

To evaluate the level of the bracelets used, it is sufficient to determine the use they will be intended for. For high-end watches, bracelets must meet certain elegance criteria. The Leather or NATO bracelets Offer authentic vintage effect and are mostly intended for high quality wood watch assembly.

The mechanism

Although the trend is at automatic mechanisms, most high-end wood watches are equipped with a Quartz mechanism. The latter represents a safe value of watchmaking, even if you can also find it on cheap watches. Finally, somehigh-end wood watches are equipped with a manual winding mechanism that relies on a fairly ingenious system.

Some brands of high-end wood watches

Many manufacturers who now offer wooden watches with unique design and features. However, very few of them do in high end. For very high quality devices, you can turn to French, Italian, or American manufacturers.


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