The different types of wood for watches

Les différents types de bois pour les montres - Woody Boy

Refined and elegant, wooden watchesIn a few years, indispensable accessories have been for both women and stylish men. And if you are interested too, you must know that outside the look and the mechanism, the type of wood plays an important role in the choice. In this article, we therefore bring you to the discovery of the differentTypes of wood for watches.


Ebony wood

Ebnotes are tree species from the family of Ebenaceae whose ebony is the heartwood. Very used in sculpture, marquetry and design of wooden instruments like the recorder, ebony is appreciated especially for its density and his color. We distinguish very black color, sometimes gray and rarely white, but essentially very hard; which facilitates its use.

Its choice for the design of wood watches is linked to its glittering appearance in the light and this smooth feeling to the touch when it is polished. The peculiarity of its grain makes ebony a first choice wood for the design of these watches for the greatest happiness of amateurs.


Those who know a little about sandalwood can testify that it is a very popular material because of its Delicate natural scent. For a long time already, it was used for the design of several accessories and fashion objects. It is found today on the watches especially for its hypoallergenic and antiseptic side.

Sandalwood is growing mainly in the Nepal, India, New Caledonia or Australian areas and presents under 03 different colors namely:

  • orange
  • red brown
  • Cinnamon color.


In the field of ecology, bamboo is no longer to present. This type of wood is used for construction and for the design of ecological objects like bamboo straw or watches. Soft and refined, bamboo on a watch brings a certain touch of distinction. In addition, it is a non-toxic, lightweight, antiallergic and very solid material. We find a multitude of watch models with this type of wood. Some are designed with just the bamboo dial And others are entirely.


The Koa is a wood that comes from Hawaii and whose scientific name is the Koa Acacia. It serves as a resource in the design of surfboards and small boats. This wood beautiful red reflections is also an excellent material for the design of furniture, veneer and thus watches. Let's add that it also has the advantage of being strong enough and allows to have a rather original and chic result.

The cork

The use of this type of wood offers watch a style that is both elegant and vintage. Whether at the dial or at the bracelet, the cork is still distinguished thanks to its beautiful color. After artisanal work, a watch made with cork has character and a unique design. In addition, it is a material that keeps properly and plays the role of thermal insulation.

Maple wood

Maple wood is very famous for its beauty and is the main resource in the design of skateboarding boards and guitars. If you have already had the opportunity to see one or the other, so you have a glimpse of the texture of awood watchmaple. It is a hypoallergenic material and which is preserved very well too.

Important: Wood watches are fashion accessories that want modern and ecological. On the market, you will find models that have been built with stainless steel components at specific locations or with a leather bracelet. But it must be emphasized that it does not alter theside of the ecological watches of these watches.

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