The wooden watch is respectful of nature

La montre en bois est respectueuse de la nature - Woody Boy

The bracelets and analog clocks may seem to belong to the past, but we are convinced that every modern man should own and wear a watch. Whether to follow the events of the day, to access it or for the few occasions where a person without smartphone requires politely the time, the wristwatches are always fashionable. Many of them are also durable.

The use of wood makes them unique products

Using the most natural woods and materials around the world, designs and created magnificent watches, specific to each owner. They also restore their place for social organizations and Environmental initiatives, which gives an extra sense to your watch purchase. It is a secret to no one than the wood, as a material, has regained its popularity in recent years. And rightly, because it contributes a great deal of saving our planet, especially if the wood comes from recovery wood or environmentally friendly sources and sustainable forests, thus preserving the rare rare materials that we lack at a fast pace. . "Eco-friendly"Can easily be synonymous with" chic ", especially when it comes to wooden articles.

A wooden watch is a beautiful accessory made from this versatile and natural materialEco Friendly Wood Watches and Responsible

Ecolo wood watch

Not only is this unique watch for the environment, but it will certainly be noticed. A wooden watch will complete virtually any outfit, whether chic or casual, and will give its carrier an additional credit to simply look good at the wrist. It has a unisex style and can be brought as well by men and women. Its unique character goes even further: no wooden watch will be alike, they will present small individual differences. This is due to the fact that they are made of a natural material at the unique texture. It is impossible to find two identical wooden watches. We tried and stranded, but it looks more like a victory for us.

Trend and fundamentally sustainable

Instead of checking the time on your phone, invest in a durable wood watch. Elegant, comfortable and perfect for work and leisure, these watches deserve to be part of the wardrobe of every man. Wood watches are not only durable and beautiful, but they are also ecological and hypoallergenic. People who tend to be sensitive to certain metals like ecological wood watches that impressed the fashionistas and suitable for all occasions. With so many colors and styles, natural wood can be very attractive for casual and sophisticated outfits when it is worn at official events.

Environmentally friendly wood watch

Did you know thata wooden watch is a perfect choice For people allergic to traditional watches metals? For someone who is sensitive to these metals, it's an excellent alternative among other things. Moreover, she is Comfortable, lightweight and heat resistant, and she is very durable and will last for years. Show your confidence and your elegance by adding this exceptional timepiece to your collection of wristwatches.

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