Why make wood watches?

Pourquoi fabriquer des montres en bois? - Woody Boy

Many people around the world have a daily watch, but why are most traditional watches in plastic or metal? At Woodyboy, we do things differently. Below, we enumerate several advantages of wood watches compared to traditional watches. If you want to do an eco-responsible action or look for an elegant watch for yourself or a durable gift, you are in the right place to find a wooden watch.

Wood watches are environmentally friendly

Wood watches do not just last long with good maintenance, but they are also made from renewable and reusable natural materials. If durability is important to you, it could be a reason to choose a wooden watch rather than a metal watch.

Wood watches are easier to recycle

In many cases, most materials used to make wood watches can be recycled. At Woodyboy, we even set up a recycling program so you do not have to worry about the destination of your old watch when you are finally ready to separate. We make sure the watch is carefully dismantled and that eligible parts are recycled.

Energy efficient

Although it's not something that many people think when buying a new watch, the watch manufacturing process may require a lot of energy. This is especially true for metal watches because they are often produced in series. On the other hand, wood watches can be easily manufactured (partly) by hand and thus saving energy, their manufacture does not necessarily require machines.

Wood is a renewable resource

Wood is a natural material that, from eco-responsible projects, can be very used effectively to make watches and other products. The wood repels, it's as simple as that! To further support this process,Woodyboy plant 10 treesFor each product sold with its OneTreeplanted partners.

Wood watches are light and comfortable

When wearing a wooden watch on the wrist, you will immediately feel the difference in weight between metal and wood watches, making it an excellent choice for those who have a lifestyle rather busy and active. Your watch will not be overheated to the outside in the sun. This brings an added benefit. Because your wooden watch is lighter, the shipping of your Woodyboy leaves a smaller CO2 imprint.

Wood watches are unique

Everyone does not have a wooden watch. Although they grow in popularity, they are still not seen everywhere. The wooden watches are very beautiful to look because they are often made or finished by hand and there are many creative and complex models. In addition, no watch is identical to another because ofunique features of each type of woodand the specific wood part used in its creation.

As an aged wood watch, its appearance evolves and can possibly change. There is nothing to worry about. The unique character of the wood becomes more and more visible over time and therefore becomes even more beautiful.

Feel more connected to nature with a wooden watch

Wood Wood watches are not only unique, but are also a daily reminder to feel more connected with your environment, you disconnect more often and live more consciously. This small link with nature, just there on your wrist, especially if you spend a lot of time inside because of work or when you live in a busy city, can make a big difference.

Convinced of the benefits of a wooden watch? Discover the vast Woodyboy collections for men and women and plant 10 trees to each of your purchases!

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