Are the wood watches waterproof?

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When it comes towood watch, the question that often comes up is: does it resist water? A legitimate question when we know that the wood is a porous material that swells with moisture in case of immersion. Wood watches, there are many on the market andSome have a certain threshold of water resistance. But are they all waterproof? Response elements in the rest of this article.

Wood watches sealing: myth or reality?

The wood watches are not what could be described as champions of the sealing. Nature, wood is a resource that reacts poorly in contact with water. However, in order to prevent this slight fault from being detrimental to these fashion accessories, the wood used is previously treaty. Thus, some of these watches are designed to withstand, a little bit, bad weather.

Depending on the models, they have a degree of resistance to the estimated water either in ATM (atmospheres), in meters (m) or feet (FT). Despite this, it is not recommended to leave your wooden watch in contact with water too often and prolonged. The damage could be irreversible.

How is water resistance ensured?

The water resistance of wood watches is made possible in the laboratory. The objective is to study the timber before submitting it to quenching conditions with a pressure greater than the static pressure. Then, to protect the damage of the damage that can lead to its contact with the water, it is applied from the abrasin oil. All this will therefore have the effect of limit the sensitivity of this material with water. Thus, splashing or drops of water having taken by surprise will not suffice to damage your beautiful wooden watch.

Clean a wooden watch: with or without water?

Cleaning wood watches on the other hand with other types of watches is quite particular. When you notice the accumulation of residues, you must clean. For this you will need a cloth or cotton laundry that you are going to wet slightly. Use it then to rub the dial and watch strap for a few seconds. For hard-to-reach parts, you can use a cotton swab.

Also, it should be emphasized that wood usually tends to take a matte and patinated effect as it gets older. To allow your watch to keep its brilliant side, you can apply a little protective oil suitable for wood. Beeswax or lemon oil also allows protecting the device against damage, wear and moisture.

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