How are the wood watches made?

Comment sont fabriquées les montres en bois ? - Woody Boy

Noble confection material, wood seduces more and more the general public and is very used now in making modes accessories. Thewood watchesFor example, have become the new indispensable accessory to decorate its dress style on a daily basis. You want to make you eco-responsible fashion and you want to know more aboutThe secrets of manufacture that make the success of wooden watches? Well ! This is what we invite you to discover in the rest of this article.


In the past, it was impossible to shape a watch in wood. But thanks to the emergence of innovative solutions such as laser cutting, it is now possible to achieve Quality watches Designed from this material. This artisanal jewel is therefore composed of two parts (the dial and the bracelet) and combines easily with other materials such as steel, leather or nylon. As for the dial, it can be in the form of a circle or a rectangle. As for the bracelet, it can be made with wood, leather or nylon.

Unlike watches made of steel and plastic, wood watches are much more nice to wear and very respectful of the environment. In addition, bringing elegance to your outfits, each watch is a unique original work that does not lack appeal. However, the making of a wooden watch requires 4 steps Consecutive essential, some material, skill and especially precision.

Step 1: Cutting

It begins by tracing it accurately from the drawing of a dial on a layer sheet that will then bring back on a piece of wood. After that, the craftsmen perform the cut at the saw or with an appropriate tool before sanding the cuts with fondle 80 and 120s. The process is repeated on both facades with the paper to be sanded 120, and this in the direction Wood wire.

Step 2: The location of the mechanism

Using a bell saw, realize the location reserved for the mechanism that will operate the movements of the watch. There are two kinds: the quartz motion mechanism powered by a lithium battery and the automatic mechanism that does not cause any carbon load. It will then be questioning, depending on the shape of the dial, the bottom of the watch. It is during this stage that the indexes are engraved that will facilitate the reading of the hour.

Step 3: The finish of the clock

It is this phase to cut the piece of wood that will serve to make the bracelet of the watch before assembling and attaching the stainless steel hooks. Once the bracelet hangs on the dial, it is the stage of the latest retouching. It will be a question of applying paint, wood oil, varnish or wax to sublimate the wood veins.

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Step 4: The setting up of the mechanism

This is the last stage of the process of placing the mechanism under the dial. The assembly may vary depending on the type of motion mechanics used, but the principle remains the same.

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